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Our Supply Chain Solutions’ experienced consultants can help you unlock your Supply Chain potential to help you grow as a company, reduce costs and innovate your processes.

Zealton’s comprehensive Supply Chain Management solutions enable our clients to run more agile supply chains and improve service levels across planning and forecasting, strategic sourcing and procurement, fulfilment and after-sales services.

Our tendering consultation services help you to develop a tender response strategy, giving a competitive advantage when you submit your tender bids.

Zealton Agile Supply Chain Solutions

Our Services

We offer several options that ensure your Supply Chain is improved into a lean cost reduction and efficiency boosting machine.

Supply Chain consulting

Our Supply Chain specialists will provide knowledge to help your organisation leverage the power of the Supply Chain.

Supply chain seminars

We conduct periodic seminars on trending Supply Chain topics across all industries and business sectors.

Professional courses

We have partnered with ISAF Africa to provide Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Courses (CIPS) UK.

supply chain training

We have also partnered with SETA Accredited Institutions such as TETA to provide Supply Chain Tertiary Education.

supplier development

We will help you improve your suppliers so they can offer you improved products and services for your organisation.

Visionary Clients

read What some of our Clients Say

I worked with Rego & her team on several projects, and I would highly recommend Zealton as they reduced our operational spend by over 60% in just 8 months.
Under Zealton's guidance the joint working team quickly developed a competitive advantage that would have taken us much longer to achieve. I appreciate the work being done here.
The team of consultants was truly professional. They identified ways to optimise the warehouse layout and methods to minimise the company’s distribution costs, all hanks to this fantastic team.

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