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  • We assist your business to respond to request for information, request for proposal and requests for quotation.
  • Compiling tender documents on your behalf
  • Evaluating your tender response
  • Assisting with compiling tender reports
  • Managing tender processes
  • Pricing review
  • Proposal review
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Seminars - Face to face & Online

  • Supply chain strategy
  • Contract management
  • Contract negotiations
  • Tender/bid response
  • Drafting a tender proposal
  • Pricing
  • Sourcing
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Contractual agreements

  • Create Contractual Agreements – We create valid and mutually beneficial contractual agreements enabling you to run your business smoothly and to manage business relationships having certainty and written proof of what has been agreed.

  • Review Contractual Agreements – Signing contractual agreements without having a full understanding of every clause can expose your business to unknown risks which can impact your business negatively. Our contracting team and in-house lawyers review contracts to identify loopholes which don’t serve your interest.

  • Contract Negotiations – We help you to create a contract negotiation strategy covering the most crucial terms that matter to you. Our consultants are able to accompany you to your client to help you with the negotiations if required.

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cips (uk) qualifications training

  • Through our partnership with ISAF Africa, we also offer CIPS courses from Advanced Certificate (Level 3) up to Professional Diploma (Level 6)

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